Gangrene is necrosis or decay of flesh that occurs in a part of the body due to obstructed blood circulation (no longer has blood flowing to it). It can occur in any part of the body but typically starts in the limbs extremities like feet, fingers and hands. it can occur with / without diabetes. It can happen sometimes due to weak blood circulation / Toxin agents in the blood produced by some bacterial actions.

Types of Gangrene:

Diabetic Gangrene: This is most common form of gangrene and usually arouse because of weak blood circulation due to diabetic affects on veins.
Dry: Dry gangrene is usually occur in the elderly patients due to weak blood circulations and shortage of oxygen and glucose. This usually begins at the distal part of the limb i.e. toes, feet or fingers
Wet: Wet gangrene oftenly arouses in naturally moist tissue and organs such as the mouth, bowel, lungs, cervix, and vulva etc. It can develop after a severe burn, frostbite or injury sometimes due to bacterial action.
Gas: Gas Gangrene is the most dangerous and painful type of gangrene. This usually arouse due to bacteria(named as Clostridium perfringens) actions.
Noma: Noma is rare gangrene. It occurs on the face.
Necrotizing fasciitis: Necrotizing fasciitis is also a rare gangrenous condition. It affects the deeper layers of the skin and sometimes come to outer layers after.

Self care tips for gangrene especially for Diabetic patients:

– Inspect your limbs daily to check for cuts, sores, wounds or change in skin colour.
– Keep the feet clean and trim your toe nails regularly and carefully.
– Wear loosely fitting socks and comfortable shoes to avoid risk of blisters.
– Follow a healthy lifestyle and keep your sugar levels under control by exercising, proper controlled diet or medication.

Symptoms of gangrene:

– The affected area turns cold.
– Change in colour of the affected area from pale to red to brown and at the end blackish.
– In some cases pain in the affected area. Severe pain in case of gas gangrene.
– Blisters development on the foot.
– Loss of sensation or numbness in the affected region.
– Discharge of bad odour from the blisters.

Typical and Allopathic Treatment:

In allopathic way of treatment there is no specific medication solution for gangrene (Sometimes they recommend strong antibiotics or what they do is only surgery). Their last and in most cases first recommendation is amputation(Cut the infected limb/body part). Sometimes allopathic doctors don’t even want to admit patients in their hospitals by thinking about dangerous results of infection.

Go Gangrene’s Treatment:

It is all God's blessing and power of Nature! We have no fear in taking up any case of gangrene/diabetic feet because we are 100% confident in the results of our medication.
There is no concept of surgery or amputations in our treatment. Our medication includes pure herbal formula only eat-able (No external use of medicine). This naturally remove all toxins from blood and make the blood flow too strong to the infected part that the wound/infected part will start natural healing.